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Updated – 17.03.2024

JeetBuzz emerges as a cutting-edge bookmaker and online casino catering to the Bangladeshi populace with a thriving community of over 120,000 active users. Its operations are fully compliant with legal standards, boasting an international license sanctioned by the Curaçao Gaming Commission under No. 157258.

Providing a seamless experience, Bangladeshi users can revel in sports betting and diverse JeetBuzz online casino games, accessible through both our official website and the user-friendly JeetBuzz app. Notably, the minimum deposit and withdrawal stand at BDT 500. Jeet Buzz facilitates BDT transactions via esteemed payment systems such as bKash, Nagad, Rocket, UPay, and TAP.

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🥰 Key Insights into Jeet Buzz Bangladesh

Introducing itself into the online gambling realm in 2020, Jeetbuz primarily set its sights on captivating the Bangladeshi audience. The company thrives on continual growth and expansion, meticulously gauging the preferences of modern players. It prides itself on offering an extensive array of sporting events, encompassing over 40 disciplines, complemented by a plethora of casino games curated from licensed providers.

🥳 License & Adherence to Legalities

Jeetbuzz88 staunchly adheres to Bangladeshi laws and operates in compliance with the international license Curacao 8048/JAZ. Upholding strict standards, the platform exclusively permits users above the age of 18 to engage in real-money gaming. Notably, the company refrains from hosting gambling facilities within Bangladesh, ensuring online services are proffered sans infringement of local regulations. Additionally, Jeetbuzz live proudly operates under the aegis of an international license—Curacao 8048/JAZ.

🙀 JeetBuzz Ensuring Secure Gambling

The safeguarding of user data remains paramount at Jeet Buzz. Employing SSL encrypted servers, user data is meticulously stored and processed with unwavering security protocols. These servers undergo constant surveillance around the clock, fortified by firewall protection and antivirus measures.

❤️ JeetBuzz Acknowledging Privacy Policy and Responsible Gaming

New users are urged to acquaint themselves with and accept the platform’s privacy policy and the tenets of responsible gaming. This mandatory step ensures an informed and responsible gaming experience for all users, accessible via the official website and app.

🐯 JeetBuzz Registration Process

Initiating your gaming or betting journey at Jeetbuz necessitates the creation of an account. Reserved exclusively for Bangladeshi users aged 18 and above, the registration process demands adherence to these steps:

  1. Visit the Jeetbuz website: Access the bookmaker’s official website through any web browser.
  2. Commence Registration: Click on the prominently displayed “Sign Up” button located at the bottom of the homepage.
  3. Enter User Details: Devise a unique username and robust password for future account access.
  4. Furnish Personal Information: Input your full name, phone number, and email.
  5. Create a Jeet Buzz Account: If in possession of a referral code, input it accordingly. Confirm registration by entering the verification code and clicking on the corresponding button.

Upon completion, you will seamlessly transition to your Jeetbuzz live personal account, affording you access to the bookmaker’s main interface, facilitating navigation to your desired sections.

🫐 JeetBuzz Verification Procedures

Stringent verification procedures are imperative for Bangladeshi users to validate their identities—a prerequisite for utilizing Jeetbuzz 88 services. KYC verification stands as a pivotal anti-fraud measure, validating the accuracy of furnished information. Jeetbuzz live retains the authority to solicit KYC documents at any juncture.

To facilitate successful withdrawal of earnings, meticulous verification of your profile is indispensable. This process entails:

  1. Login to Your Jeetbuzz88 Account: Access your Jeetbuzz 88 account using your designated credentials.
  2. Confirm Contact Details: Validate your phone number and email within your personal profile.
  3. Document Submission Upon Request: Furnish the support team with requisite identification documents upon JeetBuzz’s request.
  4. Await Confirmation: Allow for processing time following submission.

Upon successful verification, all withdrawal constraints will be lifted from your JeetBuzz account, ensuring unhindered access to your earnings.

🌱 Navigating Jeetbuzz Login

Post-registration, accessing your personalized JeetBuzz account for transactions or gaming pursuits is straightforward. The JeetBuzz login process comprises the following steps:

  1. Access JeetBuzz Platform: Open the Jeetbuzz live website or app.
  2. Click on Login: Locate and click on the designated login button.
  3. Enter Account Credentials: Input your designated username and password.
  4. Confirm Login: Validate your login details to access the Jeetbuzz88 website seamlessly.

Having completed these steps, you gain access to your personalized account, enabling you to engage in gaming activities hassle-free.

🍄 Placing Sports Bets on Jeet Buzz

Navigating the official Jeetbuzz live platform unveils a plethora of sports betting options. Users can explore a dedicated sports betting page encompassing global sporting events. The Jetbuzz user-friendly interface offers diverse market options, spanning pre-match and live betting scenarios.

Upon selecting a desired match, users proceed to select their preferred betting markets. Leveraging the odds system as a basis for calculation, users engage in various betting options—be it predicting match outcomes, goal tallies, or even specific game intervals, such as first-half goals. Notably, the Jettbuzz platform extends betting possibilities to niche markets like corner kicks, catering to a diverse spectrum of punters.

The Moneyline option (1×2) stands as a popular choice, allowing users to predict match outcomes—be it a team’s victory or even a draw. To elucidate:

  • Backing Corinthians to win: Select the highlighted multiplier (odds) for Corinthians’ victory.
  • Confirming the bet: The bet slip facilitates selecting the desired wager amount and previews potential winnings.
  • Winning Scenario: In the event of Corinthians’ victory, users receive their wagered amount along with profits.

It’s essential to note this example reflects a win scenario; in the event of a draw, the bet is considered lost. The platform boasts an extensive array of sports, encompassing Basketball, Football, UFC, Horse Racing, and more. Furthermore, Jettbuzz users gain access to valuable tips and a deposit bonus through the platform.

🥑 Availing the Welcome Bonuses

Jeetbuzz 88 extends a range of enticing welcome bonuses tailored for new Bangladeshi users. These bonuses feature distinct terms of use, catering to varied preferences. The available sign-up bonuses are detailed below:

🎱 Jettbuzz 50% Sports Refund

  • Minimum deposit: BDT 500
  • Maximum bonus amount: BDT 1,000
  • Acceptable sports bets: Odds of 1.5 and above
  • Wagering requirement: 10x before withdrawal

🛖 Jeetbaz Free Lucky Spins

  • Minimum deposit: BDT 1,000
  • Various bonus amounts with corresponding 15x wagering requirements

⚽ Jetbuzz 25% Cashback

  • Minimum deposit: BDT 500
  • Maximum cashback amount: BDT 1,777
  • Cashback applicable solely in live casino and table games
  • Cashback equals 25% of total losses, subject to a 10x wagering requirement

💮 Other Jetbuzz Bonuses And Promotions

Happy Hour Delight

IPL Fever Pitch

BPL & PSL Forecast Frenzy

Daily Gift

Weekly Gift (Exchange Market)

Cricket Summit Leaderboard

JeetBuzz Casino Bonuses

Welcome Gift

Special Cashback (Slot & Fishing)

Weekly Gift (Slot & Fishing)

🔮 Elevated Gaming Experience with Jetbuzz VIP Club

Dedicated players gain entry to the esteemed Jeetbaz VIP Club, unlocking exclusive perks like bespoke bonuses, monthly rewards, round-the-clock VIP manager assistance, and more. Accumulating VIP Points by actively participating in Jeetbuzz live games determines your VIP level. Users can leverage these points to secure additional funds across various Jeet Buzz products. The VIP Club boasts five tiers, each with its own unique point conversion rates.

🎳 JeetBuzz VIP Levels

  • Elite: 10,000 VIP Points, 1,600 VP to 1 BDT
  • Master: 30,00,000 VIP Points, 800 VP to 1 BDT
  • Grandmaster: Invitation-based, 400 VP to 1 BDT
  • Legend: Invitation-based, 300 VP to 1 BDT
  • Mythic: Invitation-based, 200 VP to 1 BDT

🌈 Diverse Deposit Methods at Jeetbuzz live

Revolutionizing the betting landscape, Jeetbuzz 88 boasts diverse deposit methods, including virtual wallets and traditional options like Bank Deposits. Notable methods include:

  • Bank Deposit
  • bKash
  • Ngad
  • uPay
  • SureCash
  • USDT
  • OK Wallet
  • TAP

bKash and Ngad emerge as prominent options, reflecting Jeetbaz commitment to offering a comprehensive and user-friendly deposit experience. The bKash virtual wallet, requiring a mere 500 BDT minimum deposit, underscores Jeet Buzz’s dedication to user convenience, ensuring swift and straightforward deposit processes.

Deposit methodMinimum DepositMaximum Deposit (per 1 transaction)
bKash500 BDT25,000 BDT
Nagad500 BDT25,000 BDT
Rocket500 BDT25,000 BDT
UPay500 BDT25,000 BDT
TAP500 BDT25,000 BDT
OKWallet500 BDT25,000 BDT
Tether USDT TRC 20USDT 8.90USDT 444.68
BitcoinBTC 0.0004BTC 0.3524

🚀 Deposit Procedure at JeetBuzz Live

Navigating the Jeetbuzz live platform, you’ll easily locate the deposit page through the prominently placed button. Here, crucial options await your attention, requiring accurate input of information like CPF, full name, and card number. Ensuring precision in these details is paramount to prevent any deposit delays or errors.

The Jeedbuzz deposit options entail specified minimum and maximum values. However, these limits don’t impede the betting strategy, given the platform’s long-standing reputation for reliability and safety. This reassurance provides punters peace of mind when depositing funds into their accounts.

A detailed table outlining limits and deposit options is available on the website. Let’s delve into the steps required to make a deposit on this platform:

⚡ Jeebuzz Steps for Depositing

  1. Open your account.
  2. After confirmation, click on “deposit.”
  3. Choose from the listed methods.
  4. Confirm the amount, enter requested data, and await crediting into your account.

Jeedbuzz deposit processing times vary significantly based on the chosen method. While bKash typically takes up to 3 business days, most other means offer instant deposit processing.

Refer to the table below for specifics on methods, processing time, currencies, and minimum/maximum amounts. Notably, the table features the credit card option.

❄️ Withdrawal Process at

Similar to deposits, the withdrawal process at Jeet Buzz Sports maintains high reliability. While offering identical withdrawal methods as deposits, a few nuances make the process slightly more intricate. However, these differences pose no significant challenge.

🟢 First Withdrawal – Crucial Details!

Adhering to industry standards, Jeetbuzz live mandates a rule for the initial withdrawal. Specifically, the site requires the first withdrawal to align with the deposit method used. For instance, if you deposited via bKash, your first withdrawal should also utilize the bKash e-wallet. Additionally, the withdrawal amount must match the first deposit, a safeguard implemented against fraudulent activities.

🪬 Jeetbuzz 88 Withdrawal Options

  • Bank Deposit
  • bKash
  • Ngad
  • uPay
  • SureCash
  • USDT
  • OK Wallet
  • TAP

The Jeedbuzz website hosts a detailed table outlining withdrawal methods, mirroring those available for deposits.

Withdrawal methodMinimum withdrawalMaximum withdrawalProcessing Time
bKash500 BDT25,000 BDTFrom 15 minutes to 24 hours
Rocket 500 BDT25,000 BDTFrom 15 minutes to 24 hours
Nagad500 BDT25,000 BDTFrom 15 minutes to 24 hours
Local Bank30,000 BDT50,000 BDTFrom 15 minutes to 24 hours

💰 Variety of Sports Offered by JeetBuzz Bet

Jeetbazz caters to Bangladeshi bettors with over 30 diverse sports available for betting. With an extensive array of options, there’s a niche for every enthusiast. Engage with promotions to identify your forte and start wagering. Here’s a glimpse of popular sports among Bangladeshi players at Jeetbaaz.

✅ Cricket

Cricket betting constitutes a primary activity at Jeet Buzz. Players can explore various betting markets encompassing renowned tournaments such as the Bangladesh Premier League, International Twenty20 Matches, and more.

✅ Volleyball

Volleyball, a sport deeply ingrained in Bangladeshi culture, is offered for betting. It holds significant prestige globally and enjoys immense popularity locally.


MMA, characterized by full-contact combat, holds substantial popularity in Bangladesh, especially owing to the Gracie Barra family’s involvement.

✅ Boxing

A traditional favorite worldwide, boxing remains a prominent sport in Bangladeshi betting circles, engaging enthusiasts with its intense matchups.

✅ Ice Hockey

While still gaining traction in Bangladesh, ice hockey presents an exciting avenue for sports betting due to its global appeal and thrilling gameplay.

📯 The Rise of E-Sports Betting: JeetBuzz’s Thriving Arena

Hey folks, buckle up for a thrilling ride into the world of gaming and betting! Today, let’s dive into the fascinating universe of e-sports and the captivating offerings of Jeetbuzz live, where the fusion of skill, strategy, and lightning-fast decisions determines the winners.

☂️ Exploring Popular Jeetbaaz E-Sports Options

Move over traditional sports; it’s time to embrace the heart-pounding action of e-sports. Jeetbuz is making waves by offering bets on adrenaline-pumping competitive championship games from the most sought-after e-sports leagues. Picture this: masterminds wielding their mouse and keyboard engage in battles where split-second choices can make or break the game. Dota2, League of Legends, CS-GO, valorant, and more await, stirring up the gaming fervor among enthusiasts.

🛞 Betting Bliss at Jeebuzz

Get ready to immerse yourself in an array of options tailored for the modern Bangladeshi bettor. Let’s take a tour of the sections and tools that Jeet Buzz boasts, promising an enriching betting experience at your fingertips.

♨️ The Action Unfolds: Jeetbaaz Live Betting

At Jeetbuzz live, the thrill amplifies with live betting, a dedicated section where you wager on matches unfolding in real-time. Stay on the edge as the odds fluctuate, allowing you to track opponent statistics and seize the perfect moment for that winning prediction. While live match streaming isn’t available yet, the animated broadcast keeps you updated on the gameplay action.

🥅 Jeetbazz Pre-match Precision: Line Betting

Classic yet enthralling, line betting lets you wager on match outcomes before tournaments or events kick-off. It’s a bettor’s paradise, offering ample time to analyze team statistics, form, and make calculated predictions. Jeet Buzz lines up all sports disciplines for your betting pleasure.

🎰 The Allure of JeetBuzz Casino

Step into the world of Jeebuzz Casino, adorned with tempting bonuses that catch the eye of new users. Offering up to 200% bonuses and a chance to pocket 10,000 BDT, it’s a tantalizing welcome. However, converting these bonuses into withdrawable cash requires a 35x bet, known as the rollover – a standard across betting platforms.

🦄 JeetBuzz Slots

Slots steal the show here, boasting diverse themes and gameplay. From MegaWays to Jackpots King and King Kong Cash, the variety is alluring. The Jetbazz live gaming option adds a touch of authenticity, with live dealers orchestrating the action.

♦️ Jeetbazz Poker

Jeetbuzz live doesn’t stop at online games; it’s a haven for poker enthusiasts. With a plethora of daily tournaments, the platform sets the stage for intense online poker showdowns.

🦑 Jeetbuzz Table Games

🍩 JetBuzz Crash

🐟 JeetBuzz Fishing Games

🍓 JeetBuzz Arcade

🪺 Jeet Buzz Lottery

🧨 JeetBuzz App for Android and iOS

Bangladesh residents rejoice! Jeet Buzz rolls out a nifty mobile betting app catering to Android users, offering seamless betting experiences. With an intuitive interface and extensive betting options, the app promises convenience and excitement. While the iOS app is in the works, stay tuned for its imminent release.

🍑 Installing Jeet Buzz App

For Android users, getting your hands on the JeetBuzz app is a breeze. Simply tweak your device settings, download the apk file from the official website, and voilà! You’re all set for round-the-clock betting action.

iOS enthusiasts, hold tight! Jetbazz iOS version is on its way, promising a similar seamless betting experience upon its release.

🐼 Aiding Users: Jeetbuz Support

Jeetbazz doesn’t just offer gaming and betting; it prioritizes user satisfaction and responsible gambling. With round-the-clock chat support, an informative FAQ section, and dedicated email assistance, they’ve got your back.

👻 Conclusion

In a nutshell, JeetBuzz isn’t just a betting platform; it’s a gateway to an electrifying world of gaming, offering entertainment with responsibility. Dive in, place your bets, and game on responsibly!


Simply hit "Forgot Password" on the platform and follow the prompts for a hassle-free recovery.

While JeetBuzz doesn't levy fees, there might be charges from the payment system.

Both versions retain full functionality, but the mobile app requires installation and is currently available only for Android users.

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